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Auto Repairs and Inspection are a necessity and essential. No one can deny the importance of regular auto check. It is best to choose professionals to handle your car properly. Landmark Sunoco is the best Car Repair Alexandria VA with professional workers and modern gadgets. Most importantly, we have the experience, and in this field, experience matters a lot. Landmark Sunoco knows the exact ways to deal with your cars and repair it for reliable and safe use. Our expert team is known for finding solutions to complex and complicated problems. We can provide you with the best car repair and maintenance services at the lowest rates and prices. The point to highlight here, only the professionals can handle the prices and quality side by side. Sometimes people offer you the work at low rates but with no guarantee of quality. This may be seen inexpensive, but in the end, you will have to spend more money than one-time investments with professionals. It is not a good idea, and you will never know the worth of money you are appending regularly for the maintenance. We all know that inspection is necessary for ha car after proper intervals ad it can help a lot the working of the car. It can increase the life span of the car and will increase the quality of working results. It also helps in knowing about some minor problems that can create a major issue while travelling and for sure no one wants that. Let us help you with all this. You can completely trust the services of Landmark Sunoco as Car Repair Alexandria VA for regular inspection, common auto repair to the whole changing of parts and installation of different items. We are expert and known for our services from the past 35 years. Satisfying our customers with good quality, friendly and satisfactory work helped us to maintain our reputation in all these years.

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Simple Repairs are Not That Simple

Sometimes the problem seems easy, but in actual it is worse than we imagine. In these kinds of problems, people think, they can handle them by themselves, but it is not the case. There are some issues for which you must consult a professional for a check-up or advice just like doctors. Would you like to take medicine on your own without knowing the actual problem? No, never you will do that. Same is the case with cars. There are some problems that you can handle, but for some, you need professional tools. These tools are not available in the market generally. We being the experts have every single device to help you in solving and managing the issues related to your car. We do our best for the profit and delivering the most beneficial services to our customers. Don’t just judge the problem, let us help you to give the exact details so that you can do your best. Our inspection will lead you to the right solution, and this way, you will be able to save yourself from multiple difficulties.

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How Much It Cost?

The most essential, vital, and necessary question that everyone asks what will be the cost of repairing services. The fact is our pricing point is very much transparent, but still, things depend upon the type of problem your car has. We will have to check it after an inspection, but the one things are that everything will be clear in front of you, there will be no hidden charges and no hidden amount. Customer's satisfaction is everything for us, and we would never like to destroy our reputation with such acts. We use the best quality products for the long term safety and protection. Our equipment is modern. Our staff is an expert and all above we know what's best for your car. You can also check the views about us from our previous customers. It will help you in making the decision.

Our Services

Our services include oil change, motor tuning, brakes, tires, plugs starter, battery repair, wheel alignment, lights repair, and more. All these are our featured services the services related to the auto body includes Aluminum Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Auto Glass Repair, Auto Painting, Windshield Repairs, Fender Repair, Hail Damage Repair, Towing Service, Wheel Alignment, and Wheel Rim Repair. We are known for delivering solutions for every type of problem. We work for providing you with the best. Landmark Sunoco is working for years and now have become the professional. There is no such problem for which we can not provide you with the solutions. Trust the services of Landmark Sunoco as your car repair, maintenance, and inspection service provider. You can consult and contact as anytime for the better and safe drive.

  • Brakes repair
  • Batteries change
  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotation
  • Timing belts
  • Water pumps
  • Radiator flush
  • Scheduled services
  • Transmission flush



















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